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Ryan Duff v Stellio Jerome (Durham Congress)

This is Ryan Duff’s game from Round 5 at the Durham Congress. (Annotation and analysis by Ryan Duff) [White “Ryan Duff”] [Black “Stellio Jerome”][Result “1-0”][WhiteElo “1552”][BlackElo “1615”][ECO “B00”][Opening “Borg Defense”] 1 .e4 g5 The Borg defence. A favourite of the late IM Michael Basman. I had never played against this […]

Durham Congress report: Andy Burnett v Yaroslav Kolodiy

Many thanks to Andy Burnett for this report from his game against Yaroslav Kolodiy at the Durham Congress. (40) Burnett,Andrew (2242) – Kolodiy,Yaroslav (1960) [A43] Durham Open (2), 13.05.2023 [abbur] Although I finished 1st= in the Durham Open, it wasn’t solely due to good play! I managed to ride my […]