About Us.

Forest Hall Chess Club is a friendly, thriving club for chess players of all ages and abilities. New members are always most welcome. We play chess on Fridays at Forest Hall Ex-Servicemen’s Institute. 26 Crescent Way North, Forest Hall. NE12 9AR.. Junior club runs from 6.0pm to 7.30pm on Wednesdays & Fridays. The Senior Club starts at 7.30pm on Fridays only. We have several teams in the Northumberland Chess League and hold numerous junior training events, classical and rapidplay congresses.

Magpies and Badgers both reach the Semi-Finals

The Forest Hall Magpies and Forest Hall Badgers have qualified for the Summer Knockout Semi-Finals. Both teams reached this stage after winning 4 of their 5 qualifying matches. Semi-Final 1 sees Forest Hall Magpies play against Morpeth A and in Semi-Final 2 Gateshead A meet the Forest Hall Badgers. The […]

Game Sett and Match to the Badgers.

it was a truly amazing victory for the Badgers this week in the Summer KO Competition. The full details of the result can be found on LMS … https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/league_fixture/215890 The Badgers were massive underdogs, playing against the strongest team in the whole Competition. Our team: Morgan, Hanif, Reese and John […]

Owls flying high after dramatic win in the play-offs

Success for Forest Hall Owls in Play-offs Forest Hall Owls earned promotion to Division 4 on Tuesday in a dramatic match. The following players have all played for the Owls this season and have contributed to their success: Morgan, Ethan, Jonathan S, Joe, Joshua, Felix, Ciaran, Chris, Jay, Jonathan L, […]

Badgers land Knockout blow

NCA Division 5 winners, Newcastle University were Forest Hall Badgers’ tough opponents in the first round of the Summer Knockout competition. The Newcastle Uni team out-graded the Forest Hall team by 6429 – 6195 rating points. However, hard fought wins by Morgan, Hanif and Reese made sure of the victory […]

Summary of recent news from FHCC

Northumberland Chess Association League roundup Forest Hall Foxes won the playoff match v Gosforth Centurions to retain their place in Division 2 next year. The Woodpeckers are looking forward to a season in Division 4. Forest Hall Squirrels have one remaining fixture against Morpeth C to decide if they will […]

Fantastic Foxes in surprise win against League leaders

An unexpected result in Northumbria League Division 2 sees Forest Hall Foxes leap into the playoffs position. With only their second victory this season The fantastic foxes who were outgraded on every board won by 3½ points to ½. Gosforth Salters who currently lead Division 2, had a total combined […]

Jedis defeated by The Owls

Gosforth Jedis 1 – 3 Forest Hall Owls https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/league_fixture/200286 Jedi or jed·i [ jed-ahy ] / ˈdʒɛdˌaɪ / noun,plural (especially collectively) Jed·i, Jed·is  [jed-ahyz].  owl [ oul ] / aʊl / noun adjective

Wise Owls pull off remarkable victory against a strong Newcastle University team

Forest Hall Owls 2½ v 1½ Newcastle University B In the above position White has just played Ng3 and Jonathan (Black) finds a way to win a piece. The game concluded after the moves… 38… Rxe1 39.Rxe1 Qf2 40.Re2 Qxg3 41.Qxg3 Bxg3 42.c5 Ra8 43.Bb1 Ra5 44.c6 Rxd5 0-1 The […]

Foxes triumph in NCA League

https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/league_fixture/200192 In this position White is two pieces and a pawn ahead and has just played Qe5 … hoping to swap off Queens and have a completely won ending. However, Raj Mohindra (playing with the Black pieces) finds a way to finish the game and obtain a crucial win for […]

Draws snatched from the jaws of victory and from the jaws of defeat.

Forest Hall Owls, Squirrels and Foxes all had games this week Here are a couple of photos which show the final positions from two of the games. In the above position Joshua Price (white) has just played his pawn from f3 to f4 and a draw was agreed. Can you […]