Magpies and Badgers both reach the Semi-Finals

The Forest Hall Magpies and Forest Hall Badgers have qualified for the Summer Knockout Semi-Finals. Both teams reached this stage after winning 4 of their 5 qualifying matches. Semi-Final 1 sees Forest Hall Magpies play against Morpeth A and in Semi-Final 2 Gateshead A meet the Forest Hall Badgers. The […]

Game Sett and Match to the Badgers.

it was a truly amazing victory for the Badgers this week in the Summer KO Competition. The full details of the result can be found on LMS … The Badgers were massive underdogs, playing against the strongest team in the whole Competition. Our team: Morgan, Hanif, Reese and John […]

Owls flying high after dramatic win in the play-offs

Success for Forest Hall Owls in Play-offs Forest Hall Owls earned promotion to Division 4 on Tuesday in a dramatic match. The following players have all played for the Owls this season and have contributed to their success: Morgan, Ethan, Jonathan S, Joe, Joshua, Felix, Ciaran, Chris, Jay, Jonathan L, […]

Badgers land Knockout blow

NCA Division 5 winners, Newcastle University were Forest Hall Badgers’ tough opponents in the first round of the Summer Knockout competition. The Newcastle Uni team out-graded the Forest Hall team by 6429 – 6195 rating points. However, hard fought wins by Morgan, Hanif and Reese made sure of the victory […]

Summary of recent news from FHCC

Northumberland Chess Association League roundup Forest Hall Foxes won the playoff match v Gosforth Centurions to retain their place in Division 2 next year. The Woodpeckers are looking forward to a season in Division 4. Forest Hall Squirrels have one remaining fixture against Morpeth C to decide if they will […]

Fantastic Foxes in surprise win against League leaders

An unexpected result in Northumbria League Division 2 sees Forest Hall Foxes leap into the playoffs position. With only their second victory this season The fantastic foxes who were outgraded on every board won by 3½ points to ½. Gosforth Salters who currently lead Division 2, had a total combined […]

Jedis defeated by The Owls

Gosforth Jedis 1 – 3 Forest Hall Owls Jedi or jed·i [ jed-ahy ] / ˈdʒɛdˌaɪ / noun,plural (especially collectively) Jed·i, Jed·is  [jed-ahyz].  owl [ oul ] / aʊl / noun adjective

Wise Owls pull off remarkable victory against a strong Newcastle University team

Forest Hall Owls 2½ v 1½ Newcastle University B In the above position White has just played Ng3 and Jonathan (Black) finds a way to win a piece. The game concluded after the moves… 38… Rxe1 39.Rxe1 Qf2 40.Re2 Qxg3 41.Qxg3 Bxg3 42.c5 Ra8 43.Bb1 Ra5 44.c6 Rxd5 0-1 The […]

Foxes triumph in NCA League In this position White is two pieces and a pawn ahead and has just played Qe5 … hoping to swap off Queens and have a completely won ending. However, Raj Mohindra (playing with the Black pieces) finds a way to finish the game and obtain a crucial win for […]

Draws snatched from the jaws of victory and from the jaws of defeat.

Forest Hall Owls, Squirrels and Foxes all had games this week Here are a couple of photos which show the final positions from two of the games. In the above position Joshua Price (white) has just played his pawn from f3 to f4 and a draw was agreed. Can you […]