Foxes triumph in NCA League

In this position White is two pieces and a pawn ahead and has just played Qe5 … hoping to swap off Queens and have a completely won ending.

Black to play and win

However, Raj Mohindra (playing with the Black pieces) finds a way to finish the game and obtain a crucial win for Forest Hall Foxes.

Can you spot the combination which concluded the game in Black’s favour? (solution is shown below)

In Stuart’s game this position arose after 14 moves. Black’s last move was 14… Qb6

White to play

Can you find the best move for White which gives a clear advantage?

(scroll down to see the answer)

Later in the game this position was on the board… White to play has a forced mate.

White to play and mate in 6 moves

39.Ne7+ Rxe7 40.dxe7 Bxb5 41.Bxb5 g4 42.e8=Q+ Kg5 43.Qe7+ Kg6 44.Be8#

In the game Stuart’s opponent replied to 39.Ne7+ with … Kg5 and then resigned after 40 Bf7+ Kg4 41. Kg2 when 42.h3# is unavoidable












Raj Mohindra’s game finished with this combination.

39 Rh1+ Nh2 (if 39… Rh2 then Qg4#) 40 Rxh2+ 41 Rxh2 Qg4#

Solution to puzzle from Stuart’s game.


15…Bxe5 16.Qxd5+

15…Rxe5 16.Rxe5 Bxe5 17.Qxd5+

15…h6 16.Be3 Qd8 17.Bxd5+ Kh7 18.Bd4

15…Be6 16.cxd5 Bd7 17.Bf4 h6 18.Rc1 g5 19.Nc4 Qg6 20.Be5 Na6 21. Bxg7 Rxe2