Game Sett and Match to the Badgers.

it was a truly amazing victory for the Badgers this week in the Summer KO Competition. The full details of the result can be found on LMS …

The Badgers were massive underdogs, playing against the strongest team in the whole Competition. Our team: Morgan, Hanif, Reese and John went into the fixture fully realising the almost impossible task they faced. The opposition out-graded our team by a total of 8628 to 6300 rating points and on paper our chances were very slim. However, miracles can happen and as can be seen from the team sheet on LMS, The Badgers are now riding high after their third successive win in the competition and are delighted with their progress so far.

In the decisive game Hanif played a sharp line in the Slav Defence which made for an exciting and double edged encounter.

This is the final position. Black has just played Kg6 and White resigned.

The evaluation on Stockfish is -5.2, and a possible continuation is 1.Bh3 g4+ 2.Bxg4 hxg4+ 3.Kxg4 Rd8 4.f3 Rg1+ 5.Kh3 Rg5 -+