Chester-le-Street Congress: Entries still open

The Chester-le-Street Congress (August 18-19) is still accepting entries for the following tournaments:

‘World Cup’ tournament 

A new, innovative style of 6-round chess tournament, held over 2 days, open to all players.

On Day 1, participants play 3 games each in seeded ‘World Cup’-style all-play-all groups of 4 players.

On Day 2, players qualify for 4 ranked Swiss sections (Kings, Rooks, Bishops & Knights) and play 3 further games.

Prizes are awarded in each all-play-all group and each Swiss section. Time control: 60 minutes plus 10 seconds per move. Prize fund: £950.

Entry forms for the World Cup tournament can be downloaded here: 180507 Chester le Street Congress 2018 entry form

and are also available via the ECF Calendar: Entry formJunior tournament

A 1-day event on Saturday 18 August, open to players under the age of 14 on August 1, 2018.

The entry form for this tournament is available here:

180507 Chester le Street Congress 2018 entry form Junior Event

For telephone entries for either tournament, please feel free to contact the organiser, Tim Wall, on: 0750 372 2366